Bhutan incorporates GNH into every aspect of its economic development


Bhutan incorporates GNH into every aspect of its economic development, policy landscape, and social construct. Therefore, the BIEBS will conduct research into the following areas, which broadly represent the four pillars of GNH:

  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Culture
  • Economic Development

Research themes that we hope to pursue

Environmental Research  includes studying climate change, renewable energy, Himalayan studies, and glacial lakes

Governance involves studying happiness in public service, democracy and innovation, ethical politicking, leadership and media training, corporate strategy, and business management

Cultural research reflects spiritual practices related to Bhutanese Buddhism, community and rural development, tourism and hospitality, and dispute resolution, mediation, and arbitration.

Economic Development includes promoting evidence-based policies, social enterprises, social impact investment, infrastructure, and urban issues.

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