Business Management Programs are meant for young entrepreneurs to effectively manage resources, and business activity efficiently.  The Business Management Programs  will impart adequate knowledge and skills on the business management to young entrepreneurs. The BIEBS intends to provide, through this training program, a basis to horn their overall managerial skills, a prerequisite for becoming a future business leader in the country. The BIEBS also envisions contributing to the overall human resource development of the country.

To this end, the BIEBS has come up with comprehensive Business Management curriculum with topics covering management, Finance, Management Information system and Business Laws. The training program intends to impart the knowledge and skills to the participants to manage a company and to enable participants to venture into any new business. The training program consists of interdisciplinary subjects, combination of theoretical knowledge and practical solutions for business foundation, basic finance and accounts, HRM, Marketing and Information Systems and business laws in the country.

The training will eventually results in enhancing the participants capability to understand and use knowledge, skills and information resulting to effective managers and leaders. The participants will also develop effective people relationship competence and standards of attitudes, effective communication, and develop appropriate behaviors in discharging their responsibilities consistently. The training would also result in providing managerial and leadership capability in terms of planning, strategizing, marketing, and understanding the finance and performance management system.