Construction & Designing (HomeMasters)

Of late, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the toll not only to global health crisis but also to economy leading to an unprecedented downturn. Sectors like tourism and hospitality are already under immense pressure. People are being laid off and government is taking the burden of providing financial bailout to individuals and institutions to keep the economy afloat.

With government applying restrictions on import of labour, the construction sector is reeling through a downward spiral. With huge uncertainty ahead, like when the COVID19 pandemic will be over or new vaccine will be developed to treat the disease, government is perpetually exploring for new approaches to resume normal lives at the earliest possible.

A nation, which is heavily depended on import of skilled and semi skilled labour from India, it is imperative for the government to execute programs that will mitigate dependency for the import of labour from across the boarder. As a result, it is not only helping the economy but also creating employment opportunities for our Bhutanese.

Towards this end, BIEBS Private Limited has formed business under the brand name of “Home Master” catering services on the concept of all in one stop shop.

Home Masters offers a wide range of interior design services;

  • On-site Consultations;
  • Project Survey and Analysis;
  • Design Concepts;
  • Finishing and Furnishing;
  • Customised Designs;
  • Purchasing, Delivery, & Installation;
  • Project Coordination & Management;


Home Masters offers complete set of home repair, maintenance, renovation and extension services to the homeowners. Our services include the following:

  1. Carpentry Services;
  2. Plumbing Services;
  3. Masonry Services;
  4. Electrical Services;
  5. Painting and Wood Floor Polishing Services;
  6. Fabrication works; and
  7. Handyman Services